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திருமந்திரம் 3

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ORME (ether) (ஆகாயத் தத்துவம்) (பிராணன்) Orbitaly Rearranged Monoatomic Element

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Hindu tradition speaks of an exercise called Ujjai Pranayama, which is a breathing technique said to collect prana in the throat (which is a form of Ormus in the air) by inhaling and exhaling through the nose while the throat is constricted. This is one method of extracting Ormus from the air. Compounds that rapidly soak up ambient moisture, raise the PH level of the compound, and in doing so, create Ormus. When fungus and mushrooms grow on stumps of trees we see this effect occurring.

Wood ash absorbs moisture readily from the air and is used as a super nutrient for soils and to neutralize acidic soils. It is also used to make Lye, which is used to make ocean salt water highly alkaline. Wood ash has been found to be high in Ormus. I believe the Wood Ash collects the Ormus from the air, when the oxygen PH levels show themselves, which ride in the rising and falling moisture levels.(திருநீற்றின் மகத்துவம்)




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Prof. Periyar Dasan

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தாவோ (tao)

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